MVP Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for AE program Actions and Rewards?

The expanded MVP program provides exclusive offers for AEs. Only Association Executives with a valid personal AE NRDS ID, or association staff who have been given permission to use their AE’s Personal NRDS ID, are eligible to participate in these AE offers.

Your action will not be entered into the system that processes rewards if you use the Point of Entry (POE) NRDS ID beginning with 7000 issued to your association.  Only the AE’s personal NRDS ID will be accepted by the system.

If a staff person is completing an action on behalf of the AE please utilize the AE’s NRDS ID as well as their first and last name.

If you do not receive an email from within 24 hours of completing your action your, it means that your entry was most likely not accepted by the system.

Please email to determine the status of action acceptance with your NRDS, full name, and state you are from.


How is this program different than the Member Program? 

The program was expanded to key constituencies beginning with AEs, who will now have the opportunity to earn rewards through monthly (rather than bi weekly) engagement with NAR, and in some cases earn rewards for their association members. Details on this option will be listed and further explained for the offers that are applicable.

Additionally, rewards will include free eProducts, discounted physical products/bundles, course discounts, and stipends.


How do I redeem my reward?

Wait for an email from to receive your unique promo code (the email will typically arrive within 48 hours of taking an action. Once you have received the email, follow these steps to redeem your reward:

  1. Click on the link provided in the email to be taken to the product in the
  2. Add/Order the product by adding it to your cart and proceed to checkout
  3. Be sure to log in with your username and password to order the product
  4. In step 2 of the checkout process, cut and paste or type your unique MVP promo code into the “Promo Code” box to receive the item for FREE! – You have until the date defined in your email to claim your reward.
  5. Proceed through the rest of the checkout process and “Place Your Order”
  6. Access your product in your “View/Access Your eProducts” section of your “My Account” on

You can always see all of your MVP Program activity, and promo codes, action and reward redemption time-frames, as well as the actions you’ve taken and rewards you’ve earned at your My MVP Program page.


I completed the action, now what?

Your will receive an email from that contains your unique promo code, link to the reward and full instructions (this email will be sent to you within 48 hours of you taking an action).

You can always see all of your MVP Program activity, and promo codes, action and reward redemption time-frames, as well as the actions you’ve taken and rewards you’ve earned at your My MVP Program page. Allow 48 hours for this to be updated.


It looks like I have to pay for the reward, what gives?

Only Members who have completed an MVP action will receive the reward for free. This is why when you go to the the product has a Member and Non Member price associated with it. MVP Program participants receive unique “promo code” via email within 48 hours of taking an action. This promo code, when entered in step 2 of the product check out process will zero the charge for the product out and will allow the Member to checkout with the product for free.


I entered my code but it still says I need to enter a credit card, what gives?

If you have entered the code and it was accepted you will not be asked to enter a credit card. If the system is still asking for a credit card it means that the code was not accepted. Do not proceed with an order if the product price did not go to zero after entering the code. Please reenter the code by cutting and pasting it rather than typing it. If this does not work call customer service for assistance 800-874-6500.


I have already completed the action can I get the reward?

Unfortunately, only Members who complete the action during the specified time-frame are eligible to receive the reward.


I missed an action/reward will you be running it again?

We may rerun an action or a reward a second time though the action or reward may or may not be associated with the same item.  Keep checking the site for new actions and rewards to see what is coming next. You can also sign up to receive emails of the new actions/rewards by clicking on the Subscribe to MVP Offers tab at the top of the page.


How do I learn more about the program?

Click here to see the video on the MVP program and how to redeem rewards.