Valid from September 1 to 30, 2017 Offer from September 1 to 30, 2017

Your Action:

Contribute a sample to the REALTOR® Association Resource Exchange (RARE)

Your Reward:

The Little Blue Book: Rules to Live By for REALTORS® 5 Pack


The REALTOR® Association Resource Exchange (RARE) has been refreshed with an updated look and intuitive functionality, and we need your sample documents to make sure it remains a valuable resource!

What is RARE? RARE is a dynamic collection of sample strategic plans, vision and mission statements, job descriptions, employee policies, agreements, association programs, and more, contributed by REALTOR® associations for REALTOR® associations. Follow these steps to participate:
  1. Take action click on the "ACT NOW" button to be taken to RARE
  2. Click on the "add a sample" link under the "Contribute a Sample Document" section
  3. Select a document category from the drop-down list
  4. Give the entry a title and summary
  5. Attach a document, provide a link, or copy and paste your document into the form
  6. Select your contact preference
  7. Submit!

Within 48 hours of form submission you will be sent an email to confirm that we have received your submission. The products will be sent out at the conclusion of the offer, the first week in October via USPS.

The Association Executive's personal NRDS ID, or those of association staff are eligible to receive the reward associated with this offer. DO NOT use the login associated with the POE account, it will not be accepted by the system. You will not be notified if your participation is not accepted.